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Lighting Fast Retail Printers.


This is one of my favorite client animations to date. Each shot presented its own challenges, from environmental effects and particle systems to continuous camera moves and multiple VFX shots. Some of the highlights for me were the receipt slow-mo shot out of the top of the printer, the heat distortion shot, the electrical charge shots (the one with the blast was particularly tricky and required multiple particle systems and some heavy VFX work), the steel frame exploded view shot, and the store environment flip at the end. I am really happy with how this turned out. Through this project I was able to increase my pipeline and workflow practices as well as optimize my render speeds by using an enhanced version of the Cycles render engine called E-Cycles by Mathieu. It's an incredibly fast engine that allowed me to render the entire project on a single GPU locally in 25 hours. That's blazingly fast! This was another successful project with my friends over at Three Post. 

Responsible For: 3D animation/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering, Text Tracking, Compositing and Editing.

Software: Blender (E-Cycles), ZBrush, 3DCoat, Substance Painter, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve

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