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A guy who can't stop making stuff and will probably get permanently lost in the matrix.

First and foremost I'm a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to a sweet little girl. I've been a 3D/VFX artist since 2010 and I haven't been able to stop falling deeper into the digital universe ever since. I also have a deep background in filmmaking and visual storytelling. I strive to bring those influences into my animation work. I believe in the power of story and the amazing ability they have to entertain, impact, and even move people into action. No matter what the story is, whether fictional, real-life or brand driven, my goal is always crafting a story well told.


I am a lover of craft and constantly work toward pursuing artistic and technical know-how, but also quick and effective workflow strategies that help me execute fast while also producing high quality work with excellence. So, if you need it done and are afraid to swallow the pill to the world of ones and zeroes, I'm your guy. Looking forward to working with you.

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3D Modeling/Sculpting

3D Animation


Texture Painting

Motion Graphics

Art Direction


Video Editing

Story/Script Development



Unreal Engine 4



Substance Painter

Substance Designer

Marvelous Designer

3D Coat

Agisoft metashape



After Effects

Davinci resolve

Premiere Pro



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