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A pitcher with a wicked arm.

Jessica Miller

I first got my start doing freelance work doing softball skills videos. I answered an add on Craig's list and nervously went to my first shoot. It ended up being the owner of a local team and he helped drive some of his team members to me to grow my business. For awhile these were my bread and butter. One position I hadn't filmed yet was a pitcher. So when I got the call to shoot with Jessica Miller I was eager to take on the job. I also always designed custom intro animations for these videos and wanted this one to be the best I had done. I designed and modeled all of the elements in 3D and then brought them into the Element 3D plugin inside After Effects for quick control of the exploded intro pieces and fast rendering. I shot the video portions with high speed cameras, so I was thrilled to have the ability to speed ramp some shots along with the animation. I also did some green screen work and designed custom backgrounds for the interview portions.

Responsible For: Captured footage/audio, VFX, 3D animation/modeling (Texturing/Lighting/Rendering), Motion Graphics, Compositing and Editing.

Software: Blender, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop

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