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The Charge Vibe is a vibrating foam roller for athletic recovery.


The Charge Vibe has a very unique contour to the foam roller and allowed for some interesting and hypnotizing animation. Just like in the Grid Vibe Plus,  I worked on developing custom bump maps (simulated raised surfaces) for the plastic and foam materials to the roller for added realism. One thing I love about the TriggerPoint products is the way their product colors pop. So, I worked with the Creative Director over at Impluss LLC to find the right balance between the color of the roller and the background. Finally, after compositing the images together I animated and added all of the text, including the logo, and put the final edit together. 

Responsible For: Previsualization, 3D animation/modeling (Texturing/Lighting/Rendering), Motion Graphics, Compositing and Editing.

Software: Blender, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop

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