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Battle tested gear for
the fight of your life.

newhope church

Whenever I am given a chance to make weapons and armor in 3D I am elated and jump at the opportunity. This was one of the first animations I was able to do that incorporated so many of those pieces and focused exclusively on them. I used many reference photos and went towards a more Spartan feel in the sword, helmet and breastplate design. I based the shield off of Achilles shield in the movie Troy and Roman influences in the footwear and belt. I wanted a more sinister arrowhead for the arrow scenes so I did a lot of research to land on the final arrowhead design. All elements started as base meshes and then I moved into sculpting to add greater detail to each model. The look of the fire and metal was based solely on the graphic style that had been created previously so that it could stay cohesive with the design. Finally, I decided to turn the silver metals into gold as each piece was presented on screen by a fire forged reveal animation. The bumper below represents the conclusion of all 8 bumpers (since it was an 8 week series) merged into one. 

Responsible For: Concept, Script, 3D animation/modeling (Texturing/Lighting/Rendering), Graphics, Compositing and Editing.

Software: Blender, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop

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