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ZBrush Sculpt

Personal Piece

I wanted to create a creature using ZBrush so I started making a concept of one and before I knew it, it looked like a scorpion so I decided to venture down that road. I started with ZSpheres and began iterating from there. I used a lot of reference, but I didn't want to hit the scorpion on the nose of reality. I played around with some ideas and made the head look more like an alligator. I also inverted the tail since I imagined that this scorpion doesn't just harpoon his victims, but rakes them into it's jaws as well. After finishing the sculpt, I retopoed it and took it into Substance for texturing. I applied a light rig to it for posing and built the pedestal using displacements.

Software: ZBrush, Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop

Alligator Scorpion Black Right.jpg
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